Little Kitchen Academy

Changing Lives from scratch

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Londyn had the privilege of being invited to attend a week long summer class at the Little Kitchen Academy in Vancouver this past week. They just opened their doors to the public on June 24th and offer Montessori inspired cooking classes for children aged 3-18.

To say she was excited is an understatement! Londyn couldn’t stop telling people about it in the days prior.

I was super excited too….but wait, I had to get up at 6:00am to get ready and get us out the door?! You know a new momma loves her sleep, but I would get her down there one way or another.

Monday – Day 1

The moment the doors opened we were greeted with a big “Welcome everybody!” The teachers met each child as they entered by getting down to eye level and shaking their hands. They really take the time to get to know every student and create a very warm & welcoming environment.

Everyone receives a uniform to wear during class which includes a chef coat and the cutest little Birkenstock Chef Shoes.

The facility was built by a local company, Pacific Solutions Contracting, and they really nailed it out of the park!

The finishings are clean, bright, and functional with a very modern feel. Each child gets their own station in the kitchen which is equipped with all the tools and utensils they need.  The staff display daily on a canvas at the front what’s on the menu.

The 3 hour time slots seem to fly by quite quickly. When you arrive for pick up you get to enjoy watching them eat their creations they made through the window… It’s actually adorable!

Tuesday – Day 2

The staff are incredible, they really go above and beyond to make each child’s time special! On the second day Londyn was tired, as she decided 9:30 p.m. was a good time to fall asleep the night before, and she was having a more difficult time listening and participating. She decided sitting under the table was what she wanted to do at that moment and they were right there to talk about how they could help her feel better!

The teacher to child ratio is awesome too! They have 3-4 teachers every session with max 10 children. They provide great support and help with any of the children that are needing some extra direction!

Wednesday – Day 3

I can’t say enough about the recipes they get to create! There is no set menu and everything is kept a surprise until your arrival. All the food is made fresh so things can change quickly! The chocolate zucchini muffins were such a hit… “Mom I got to use a cheese grater on the zucchini!”

Tuesday they made tomato, bocconcini & basil flat bread… the dough was made from scratch and they got to pick fresh basil off the food wall!

On Wednesday they made veggie summer rolls and Thursday some yummy sweet potato nachos! Friday they finished with delicious French toast and local berries!

Pick, Eat FOUR, Chop ONE, Repeat!!

At the end of each class they all sit around the table and eat like a family together, any extras get to come home… did mom & dad ever enjoy that!

Thursday – Day 4

“We live to create a more educated, able, and healthy society”

-Little Kitchen Academy

Learning about a healthy lifestyle and how to use our minds and hands to create is so important for our children. I want my girls to grow up knowing where our food comes from and everything that goes into making a great meal.

What kid doesn’t love helping in the kitchen and getting their hands dirty?! Watching the excitement on their faces and seeing little minds apply what they have learned is so rewarding.

On Thursday they got the opportunity to learn all about how to grow a head of lettuce from an old stem! 

Fun fact: This table was made out of 33,436 recycled chopsticks. How cool is that?! Chop Value collects used chopsticks and repurposes them into amazing pieces like this table!

Something that really stood out to me was the food wall they have from GrowUp Green Walls. Not only is it bursting with fresh herbs and tomatoes for recipes, but it’s a tool for teaching the students all about growing your own food and sustainability. They also give each student the opportunity to help pick the herbs for the recipes they are creating and to help water the wall each day.

Friday – Day 5

What a week! I have seriously been blown away… Our little Chef is walking away from this with a whole new knowledge on food, cooking, measurement taking and helping out in the kitchen! So looking forward to applying everything she’s learned into our next kitchen adventure!

The owners and founders Brian & Felicity Curin have truly created something wonderful. I know they hope to expand in the near future which is great, I think every child could benefit from attending Little Kitchen Academy!

I can’t thank them enough for this wonderful opportunity they gave us and we cannot wait to return! Stop by their site and give them a visit at

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